About Vagtteam DK

About Vagtteam DK

Vagtteam DK is a medium sized guard and security company which offers a range of guard and security services for the private and public sectors. We are authorized to perform guard operations all over Denmark.

Our aim is to provide our customers with a  reliable, trustworthy and lasting service. This is more important to us than becoming the largest security provider on the market.

With Vagtteam DK you can expect a difference
We work continuously to improve our procedures and routines, and critically evaluate our own performance .

We provide both traditional security solutions as well as complex security operations at a top level. We also provide solutions emphasizing dialogue with the customer.

Our slogan, "When you expect a difference" should be taken literally. We constantly strive to develop and improve our services in line with each customer's needs. This is achieved by challenging the entire context of the security service we provide. Our core concept is based on continuous dialogue with the customer and we do our best to provide individual and tailored solutions. You can therefore expect a difference!

Vagtteam DK employees are well trained, authorized and competent. We have made it our strength to carry out operations in accordance with the "learning organisation" leadership philosophy. This means that our employees are well equipped to work in teams and across disciplines. This ensures the quality of our services, and the accumulation of experience in order to keep developing a better service for our customers.

We believe we offer the right service at the right price, and if you wish to learn more about our specific services, we are happy to meet with you or provide a quote at no obligation.

Please also feel free to contact us if you require any references. We would also be happy to explain our guard and security services in detail.