Our mission is to assist our customers in optimising security and help preserve the values of our society in general.

We also wish to contribute to general crime prevention and to work against a further increase in violent and anti-social behaviour in our society.

In order to accomplish our mission, we focus on the following overall goals:
- Follow the recommendations and ethical rules set by our sector'
- Stay focused on trends and developments within crime prevention
- Keep abreast of technological advances in the market
- Maintain relations and an open dialogue with our customers and their decision makers
- Continuously develop and work with our concepts and our security solutions



Vagtteam DK aim to be a guard company which provides competent consultancy and guidance services at a very high standard. Based on our core values, we aim to be proactive and innovative in our efforts to secure our customers' assets.

We train our workforce to become specialists and to work in teams, with a focus on learning and optimization of procedures. We aim to perform tasks and services that promote continuous development, enabling us to attract and maintain a workforce of competent employees and managers.

Values and ethics

As a member of the Danish Trade Organization for Safety and Security we have agreed to the ethical rules and to undertake the special responsibility this entails. This means we guarantee good business practises and undertake a special responsibility to the police, judicial system, insurance companies and other institutional business partners within the sector. We are committed to maintaining a sustainable platform in order to provide our customers and employees with a reliable and predictable service. We focus on the quality of our services and respectfully maintain an open dialogue with our customers and employees. By common reflection, we aim to ensure that the approach, expectations and standards of management reflect a high level of professionalism.

Our aim is to keep our company attractive as a place to work, with a continual focus on development, efficiency and collaboration. Vagtteam DK offers a challenging, healthy and safe working environment, where virtues like responsibility and commitment are highly valued and are thriving, externally as well as inernally.