Working environment certification – Smiley scheme

Working environment certification – Smiley scheme
The Danish Working Environment Authority has carried out an unannounced and mandatory screening visit at Vagtteam DK. The task of the Authority during such screening visits is to observe the actual working environment conditions in the workplace. One of the most important jobs of the Authority is to inspect whether companies are complying with applicable workplace legislation. A special focus is always given to the psychological and physical working environment in guard and security companies..

During their visit, the Authority was in dialogue with the management of Vagtteam DK, employees, and the working environment committee at Vagtteam DK.

Green Smiley
The Authority gave Vagtteam DK a green smiley following their screening visit. The green smiley shows that the company has no unresolved issues with the Authority.

Click on the link below to see Vagtteam DK’s green smiley at the website of the Danish Working Environment Authority

Vagtteam DK’s green smiley