Guidelines for job applicants

Please download and fill out this form
if you wish to submit an unsolicited
application. This allows us to ensure
you meet the requirements for
becoming a part of Vagtteam DK.

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Applying for a job

We welcome unsolicited applications. In order to be considered for a vacant position with Vagtteam DK, please pay attention to the guidelines and information below. You will need to use our standard form.


Guidelines and information
To comply with the formal requirements for guard service and our own quality standard, it is important to carefully fill out your application. Please fill out all fields and attach documentation and 2 copies of your photo (passport size). Please write your name and CPR number on the back of the photos.

- Fill out the form
- You must be at least 23 years of age
- No criminal record
- You must have completed a guard or security guard course (please enclose documentation)
- Be able to speak and read Danish - and understand English reasonably well
- Be fit and healthy
- Be ready to work at a variety of hours
- Be ready to work in all areas of Greater Copenhagen and Zealand
- Maintain a private lifestyle and attitude which matches the duty that you will be performing and be a guarantor of
- You must be articulate, show respect when speaking to other people and enjoy solving conflicts
- Fill out the entire form and please remember to fill in an email address

If the required documentation is not enclosed or important details are missing from the submitted form, the application will be seen as unfit and discarded.