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Crash course for checkout assistants

We offer a crash course for your sales assistants working at checkouts. The course offers a concise walk through attempts at theft, tricks and tools that inventive shoplifters use. For many sales assistants this course is a great eye opener, and draws the attention to the most common approaches to stealing, etc. Having attended this course, your sales assistants will be far more capable of spotting attempts at theft. Sales assistants will also be able to prevent successful theft thus avoiding losses.

Before a crash course we typically carry out anonymous mystery shopping while the attendees are on duty. We also conclude the course with another session of mystery shopping. Using this method, we have repeatedly documented a noticeable improvement among checkout staff, including more sales without mistakes and a higher level of customer experience. As a result of our crash course, sales assistants at checkouts become more aware of customers and their shopping behaviour.

The course can be completed in a 45 minutes session, and can be arranged in connection with a planned staff meeting.