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Pilferage prevention training for supervisors & managers

Leaders and managers need to be equipped in a special way for pilferage prevention. In addition to giving greater focus to pilferage and loss, pilferage needs to be seen in a broader context than just theft committed by a customer or employee. Mystery shopping and auditing are useful initiatives for pilferage prevention and understanding the psychology behind the behaviour of employees.

It is a well known fact that leaders and managers set the standard and that employees use it as a point of reference. The behaviour, routines and habits of leaders and managers will influence the culture that a company develops. One cannot command a culture and one cannot command a change of attitude - this requires a more procedural approach and an acknowledging and value oriented manner. Managers should make the first move and at must be aware of many factors within the company at the same time. It is also necessary to keep an eye on pilferage and strive to prevent it. Our training equips leaders and managers efficiently for this task.

More specifically, we offer tools to enhance the attention and focus of the employees on pilferage during working hours and in the incorporated routines. The training emphasises a common focus on pilferage, combined with a number of specific options for actions. A broader perspective on the prevention of pilferage minimizes the risk of loss. We take you through a number of areas in order to prevent theft and organized crime. We also go through different types of pilferage sources, behaviour, body language, product categories, etc. The course has a theoretical foundation, supplemented by cases from real life, including "tools" used from genuine examples of attempts at theft.

We show video footage which illustrates how a theft could progress and emphasizes the importance of subsequent actions. How an individual handles each case of theft can determine the final outcome, includig whether a case can be supported, and there is a need to avoid excessive vigilantism. In particular, the handling of the case may determine whether it can be carried all the way from the police through to the Prosecution, and finally to court.

We remind attendees that behind every attempt at theft are individual motives and personal histories. Our values and views of human nature, including the customer's internal policy on how to handle cases of pilferage, are also important elements in how to approach pilferage and theft and their prevention.

The general course has a duration of two hours, whereas a seminar on pilferage can be tailored to suit the customer's need.