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Auditering - Point of Sale

We offer our own audit concept for the retailing business. Our Point of Sale (POS) package contains all the necessary elements for providing qualified surveillance of your checkouts and handling of cash.

We focus on your procedures and how sales situations are handled, i.e. encounters between employees and customers.

The package provides valuable insight either "in real time" or for reflective learning or as a control mechanism. We correlate complex information (software implementation) and use the system to generate a qualified analysis and evaluation. Among its benefits, our POS package minimizes bargain agreement, zero sales (drawer openings), suspicious returns, friend-to-friend sales etc. Combined with a great potential for gaining valuable insight, using our POS package and expertise can have a major effect on profits.

This service is offered to local supermarkets as well as retail chains. Please contact us to arrange an obligation-free meeting to discuss how our auditing concept could minimize pilferage in your business.