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CCTV Surveillance

Our staff are experts in the area of CCTV surveillance. Using CCTV cameras, suspicious and abnormal behaviour including burglary is easily identified. We provide guards and operate surveillance equipment, and take actions to minimize theft and burglary. We follow-up on all incidents and ensure procedures are followed. Our skilled employees, with special competency in the area of pilferage prevention, ensure that customer policies and procedures are followed for each case.

The customer decides whether to report incidents to the police. We have extensive experience in combining CCTV surveillance with a shop detective inside the shop, and the communication between these initiatives shows good results. When arresting a shoplifter, we conduct the entire procedure including paper work. We also report inappropriate behaviour and traffic to the manager at the time, and again at follow up meetings.

We can install temporary CCTV equipment in troublesome areas or locations with a high rate of pilferage. We also provide concealed surveillance equipment for warehouses and similar facilities on a temporary basis.

Please contact us to arrange an obligation-free meeting to discuss our approach and services for pilferage prevention, including CCTV monitoring.