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Mystery Shopping

Take control and maximize profits! The Mystery Shopping programme is designed and developed to lead to a noticeable increase in the overall performance of your company. Our Mystery Shopping team members are specialists in conducting pioneering and measureable tests to reveal the service level of the shop staff in the company. This in turn will improve service levels, customer experience and other measurable parameters to an exceptional extent.

The initiative focuses on the level of service you as a company provide for your customers. You gain important information and also get a sense of the customer's experience.

Based on pre-agreed scenarios and task definitions, we present ourselves as ordinary customers in your company, shop or shopping centre. Following careful procedures and through observations, we report back on a number of indicators or service readings which influence how your customers experience the service level, politeness, how members of staff address them, appearance, attention, eye contact, seriousness, willingness to serve, etc. In brief, the concept is an extensive and very specific customer satisfaction survey, based on very precise and objective criteria.

The aims of our Mystery Shopping programme are increased customer satisfaction, an increase in sales, and development of staff competencies and skills. All this generates a higher level of profit.

We run Mystery Shopping in a number of retail chains, and we contribute to a higher level of insider knowledge and insight in a competitive sector. Details that seem non-influential at first glance might make all the difference when it comes to customer satisfaction and consumer habits. Fine tine your service level, train and develop members of staff, and implement a management tool which can create extra values in your organization.

Key areas:

- Tailored operational evaluations
- Customer & employee satisfaction surveys*
- Customer experience evaluations
- Benchmarking (regular comparison with competitors)
- Best Practice Management (tools and procedures to avoid mistakes)

Natural complements to Mystery Shopping include sample purchases, audits and risk management - please click to find out more.