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Sample purchases

The sample purchase service is part of pilferage prevention. The service is closely related to Mystery Shopping, however, but can operate on a more minor scale. In brief, we "test your employees". Our sample purchasers observe whether your employees adhere to agreements and routines and whether they are vigilant in relation to individual customers.

Many retailers have implemented sample purchases as a customer service initiative and as a component of pilferage prevention.

Each sample purchases will generate a special report. The report will provide our customer with a strong basis for decisions and detailed insight into how employees act, approach customers, attentiveness, etc. Our feedback reports are subject to strict procedures and deadlines and the customer will receive the reports electronically.

These reports are only effective when followed up on by management. We therefore offer a specially designed concept and can attend follow up meetings and evaluate individuals. We have great expertise in this area and are always open to possible improvements.