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Staff exit control

This is one of our additional services in our range of pilferage prevention initiatives. A staff exit control is either established as a permanent action in a company, or as a spot check control at regular intervals.

The aim of the staff exit control is to make sure employees, suppliers and business partners do not take away goods other than what belongs to them or has been paid for. A permanent staff exit control includes a permanent routine whereas spot check control works in a preventive fashion. Both kinds of control often have a great influence on overall pilferage.

We have extensive experience with staff exit controls and conducting the service in a flexible way so that no-one is offended by the presence of the guard. An important element when planning these control actions is how they are introduced, and the coorporation with union representatives and the security management of the company.

Please contact us to arrange an obligation-free meeting on the options for staff exit control in your company.