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Body Guards / VIP protection

In Denmark, the protection of individuals is a police responsibility. If a special need for protection is required outside the range of police responsibility, we offer this service on a solid and carefully planned foundation.

If you wish to provide VIP's with a feeling of comfort and safety during events, we provide the necessary expertise. We have developed a careful protocol which we follow, and we ensure the right person is assigned to the task. This service is often necessary at large events, fairs, exhibitions or conferences. Protecting important documents and other material may also be an important part of the task.

We always plan thoroughly ahead of time, and we stay in contact with the VIP's staff, the event coordinators and local authorities, where necessary. We guarantee a safe experience and our attention is always focused on security and service.

Our staff are specially suited to the above tasks, and we maintain training programmes in order to further develop the competency of our employees.