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Festival and Event Guard

Events like open air festivals and parties always require that visitors feel safe and comfortable. This also applies to the overall arrangement. A successfully executed event requires preparation and a great deal of planning.

We provide competent security guards, whose composed and commanding presence creates an atmosphere of safety and comfort. Duties might include access control, searches, surveillance, and assistance and protection of VIP's. The task af maintaining a high level of security is carried out under expert guidance and surveillance, and we coordinate the full security operation between all parties. Our guards can wear guard uniforms or dress more discreetly, depending on the customer's requirements.

One of our main focus areas in relation to parties and events is close follow up in collaboration with customer representatives. Safety and security procedures are always subject to further development and improvement, and it is important to learn from experience for the benefit of your next party or event.

We have experience creating a secure atmosphere at small, medium or large scale events, so please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss possible options and solutions for your next event or party.