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Inspection security guard

An inspection security guard looks after property, construction sites and companies. Most often the need for a guard is during the late night hours and early mornings, or when buildings are being renovated. The main task for a patrol is securing property and preventing minor incidents from escalating into disaster.

We ensure that everything has been locked in a secure manner, and that no personnel remains in the building. Other tasks include inspection of heating systems, water supplies, power, fridges/freezers and temporary installations. Vandalism and trespassing on private property can become a problem,  and we make sure to avoid this in accordance with the customer's wishes.

The timing of our inspections is always planned in such a way that we cover different hours during a 24 hour period. If one of our patrol units encounter incidents or problems, we can establish a permanent guard at short notice to secure the customer's valuables and property.

Our guard patrol maintain permanent communication with our control centre, and they are always ready to act swiftly and efficiently as circumstances may require and as agreed with the customer. Establishing an inspection security guard also includes a strong element of prevention.

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