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Reception guard

The presence of a reception guard sends a clear message that security at these premises is taken seriously. The guard is usually visible and approachable near the main entrance of a company. The guard performs numerous tasks. These could include general services as well as security functions.

The reception guard ensures that only authorized visitors have access to the company. Other tasks include body searches, registration of visitors and handling of keys and access cards.

The reception guard can perform general service related tasks in relation to security. This will increase the quality of the work carried out by the guard. Our reception guards have IT skills and are willing to carry out administrative tasks in agreement with the customer and as instructed. Besides this, they possess skills within first aid skills and shrinkage prevention.

The combination of duties has made the reception guard an attractive solution for many companies, hotels and private homes. First aid and a focus on preventing pilferage and overall security are extra benefits of using one of our reception guards.


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