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Service Guard

A service guard is also known as a shop guard. A service guard is often a good investment warehouses and shopping centres. The presence of the service guard serves a visible and preventive purpose - with a focus on the services in association with security. The guard is at the service of customers and employees and will often serve as a guide or provide instructions. Other duties include preventing crime and taking immediate action efficiently in the case of incidents and acute situations.

The presence of a service guard with their experience (e.g. of shoplifters' behaviour) can help  reduce theft and losses for customers. The service guard can assist in deaing with police, including handling and investigating incidents like theft and shoplifting. The service guard will work according to the customer's procedures in relation to selected tasks.

The service guard performs their service courteously and in a flexible manner and can also carry out gate control when a customer receives goods, or if value transfer procedures must be adhered to. Added to this are service patrols, alarm response, first aid, evacuations, access control, locking up property or warehouses and setting alarms.